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Why Join a Vancouver Networking Group
by David

There are a variety of reasons why people join networking meetings. Generally speaking people join to build up their referral network, bounce business ideas off each other and hopefully to gain some new business throughout the process. Really, there are hundreds of reasons why network marketing is appealing to business owners but for me it came down to one main reason… To better serve my clients.

In most real estate transactions the Realtor is the sounding board. It is who clients look to for a variety of questions. Should I stage my home? What are mortgage rates? Do you know a painter? Do you know a mover? What kind of insurance should I get? How much will my closing costs be? As an expert Realtor I pride myself in providing my clients with the most seamless transaction as possible. Part of this involves me surrounding myself with great people and experts in all fields related to a real estate transaction. Mortgage brokers, notary’s, photographers, trades, and all home services. I cannot be an expert in every field but what I can do is surround my business with other professional and reliable businesses.

Through some brief networking experiences I soon realized that a weekly meeting with motivated small business owners was exactly what I needed to round out my own personal business. I found that it was the best way to truly get to know someone’s business and to better understand the services that they offer. Rather than resorting to Google every time a client needed a plumber or searching Yelp for the nearest mortgage broker, I found building these relationships enabled me to pass on trusted referrals to my network. I knew that my clients would be in good hands and that I would see them weekly to follow up with how the process was coming along.

Networking isn’t for everyone, but for business owners that are looking to build upon their per-existing business, it can be a great tool. It may lead to more business for you or it may lead to improving the services that you already provide but regardless, networking definitely is worthwhile.

Casey Archibald | Vancouver Realtor®

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