Angelique Bikkers

Certified Organizational & Career Coach (ACC)

Born and raised in the Netherlands, I grew up in a three-generational butcher’s family. From this experience, I learned invaluable self-employment lessons, including customer service, managerial duties, and quality assurance.

Knowing my parents’ business, I finished my bachelor’s in human resources and started working in the field. Between 1998 and 2011, I advised and supported many middle and senior managers in human resources and training and development-related topics and recruited dozens of people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Upon moving to a different region in the Netherlands, I changed my career path and started working at the University of Applied Science. Within those years, I started my Master of Education and spent time educating, coaching, and mentoring hundreds of university students in Human Resources. Then, my husband got the opportunity to work for a Dutch company in Vancouver, and we decided to start a new chapter in our life.

After relocating and settling in Vancouver with my husband and two teenage sons and dog, I knew it was time to take the reins of my destiny. In December 2022, I completed my ICF certification in Organizational and Career Coaching at UBC and started my own coaching business, Bikpictures.

Why did I want to become a career coach?

Personal development and helping others grow have always been passions of mine. I have seen many people struggle throughout their careers, and I also had to overcome challenges. Even now, I sometimes struggle, and that’s when my support comes in. Being that support for others gives me joy and makes me thrive.

What is most important to me?

Considering myself a cross-cultural career coach I have a sweet spot for other professional settlers identifying their career aspirations, realizing their potential and find meaningful work. I know what it’s like to start over again within a new culture without a supportive network.¬†Helping others finding their career purpose is something that brings me joy in life.

I look forward to making new connections and learning about what is holding you back from taking the next steps in your career. I live in West Vancouver but am always open to meeting somewhere on the North Shore or downtown. So, if you want to meet over coffee, contact me.