Sarah Millin

Sarah Millin

Make IT Work Computer Solutions

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I’m a Microsoft Certified Professional who’s been helping small businesses since 1999.

Got a slow computer? Old computers and server? Can’t share data easily with co-workers? Need data backup? Need data backup in Canada?¬† I provide tune-ups, help purchase new workstations and servers, set up file sharing and provide backup solutions both on site and off site.

But most important, I sit down with you the business owner and provide analysis based on your business and business plan. Technology tailored for you, not what’s trendy.

Who we work with:

Dentists who need upgrades, having problems with their database, on site support.

Accountants who need security upgrades, new equipment and easy access to network files.

Lawyers who need Canadian data storage and increased security.

Other professional services businesses with between 5-20 computers who need computer support.