McKay Wood

McKay works with 50+ lenders to deliver the best possible options across Canada.  Enjoying the mortgage process is a part of what makes McKay unique. Specializing in home purchasing, renewing, refinances and transfers he will walk you through the process and educate you along the way.  Always looking for a long term strategy to home financing that will give maximum flexibility when maturity comes.  Also works closing with many real estate investors and business owners to navigate the ever-changing mortgage requirements. Awarded the top New Comer Broker across Canada for 2017 and numerous other awards including Chairmans club (highest award given by the Verico network). He is also Co-host to the weekly Radio Real Estate Show on Pulse 107.7 FM every Saturday morning at 10 am.

He has traveled the world extensively and when it comes down to service he has found what matters most to people are the following 3 things:
• Relationships matter and they want to work with those with specialized knowledge to help with their need
• They want to know they can depend on that person to meet their need in a timely manner
• They want to know they are getting the best possible solution

If you are wanting access to the best mortgage terms on the market by having access to all lending institutions (not just one) and you’re wanting to talk to someone that knows the latest in mortgage requirements who collaborates with your Realtor to ensure you get that offer in quickly, then we should connect. Email me at

PS: If you speak French, Kiswahili, Mandarin or even Spanish…no problem all your bases covered.

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