Kimberly Richmond

Kimberly Richmond

Interior Designer

White Peony Design

I’m Kimberly the puppy-loving, coffee-guzzling owner, designer, and sometimes window washer of White Peony Design.

Every day I’m lucky to be able to help real families create a home that is not only the envy of the neighborhood but is also oh-so-tough that it stands up to the craziness of their busy lives.

I know only too well the feeling that you’ll never be able to have anything nice until your nest is empty. I mean my kid is perpetually sticky (how is that even possible?), my dog sheds dirt everywhere she sprawls, and my husband…well…let’s just say his best quality is not his ability to wipe up (or even see) crumbs.

So yes, I get you, my friend.

But please trust me when I say that beauty and strength can coexist in design. It just takes using the right materials in the right places, choosing quality over quantity, and taking into account the thousands of little details that make or break any space…easy peasy!

I promise you that before those little hatchlings fly away you WILL be living in a home that functions perfectly to support your active family life, and at the end of a long crazy day still looks as good as if you live in a magazine.

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