Kevin Erickson

Get ready to meet Kevin Erickson, the mastermind behind Leadershyft and Mindshyft! With an MBA in Organizational Leadership and an MA in Psychology, he’s not just a business consultant and coach, he’s also a psychotherapist. As a certified executive coach and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Kevin has over 15 years of senior leadership experience and 10 years of consulting under his belt.

At Leadershyft, Kevin takes a unique approach to consulting, going beyond just the structure of an organization to connect with the humans within. He knows that business (and life) is all about relationships, and that’s why he’s so passionate about effective leadership. By combining his technical knowledge of organizational leadership and his knowledge of human behavior, he helps leaders and teams thrive.

But Kevin’s impact goes beyond just his work. As Board President for the Canadian Mental Health Association, Vancouver-Fraser, he’s dedicated to personal growth and community contribution. And when he’s not making a difference, you can find him staying active – running, hiking, and strumming his favorite campfire songs on guitar (regardless of his singing voice).

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