Dr. Vanessa Lindsay, ND

Dr. Vanessa Lindsay, ND

Vancouver Naturopathic Clinic



Dr. Vanessa Lindsay, ND supports her patients in identifying and overcoming barriers to reaching their heath goals. She believes that when provided with the correct tools, the body has the ability to balance itself and improve resiliency to the effects of stress on physical and mental health.

As a naturopathic physician, Dr. Vanessa Lindsay treats a variety of patients, but has special interests in Women’s health and endocrine conditions, immune health and allergies, as well as chronic pain support and brain health (concussions, migraines, anxiety, depression, cognitive decline). She believes that regardless of how complex health conditions can be, restoration begins with the basics to create a strong foundation for healing. Eating a diet rich in nutritious whole foods to optimize digestive function, adequate sleep and hydration, stress management, and regular physical movement lay the foundation for healing to begin.

Dr. Lindsay received her naturopathic medical training from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine after completing an undergraduate honours degree in Biology & Psychology at the University of Victoria. She holds a pharmaceutical prescribing license and is certified in IV therapies, acupuncture, and prolotherapy. Along with these, Dr. Lindsay implements dry needling, botanical medicine, therapeutic nutrition, mindfulness counselling in her practice.

Dr. Lindsay practices at Vancouver Naturopathic Clinic in Vancouver where she offers a variety of hormone and allergy testing, acupuncture, intravenous vitamin therapy, injection therapies, and mind-body counselling.