David Koppe

David Koppe

Edward Jones



Born and raised in Vancouver, I attended schools in Strathcona and East Van before heading to SFU to complete a BA in English. After university, I headed to Japan to teach English for 3 years, where I met my wife.

Upon returning to Vancouver, I worked in marketing where I represented brands like Nintendo, Best Buy and Coca-Cola. This culminated in a position on Olympic Torch Relay where I was the emcee for Coca-Cola on the cross-Canada tour leading up to the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.

After the 2010 Olympics, I changed industries, moving from marketing to the First Nations art gallery industry. I worked for Tahltan artist, Alano Edzerza, for two years just off Granville Island, in the Waterfall building. I then was hired by the Douglas Reynolds Gallery to revamp their website, bring their marketing online and build a photo studio for them. I spent 6 years there, completely rejuvenating the gallery, mastering studio photography, and bringing it into the online world.

Finally, I moved to Edward Jones in 2018 – my final career shift. I had been a self-directed investor for about 10 years prior to joining Edward Jones and I was a client as well. I have always been very passionate about investing, the world markets and economic news. With my entrepreneurial and marketing experience, this new position is a perfect fit for me and I’m excited to embark on this journey.

In my personal life, I have a young, growing family, a boy and a girl born in 2014 and 2017 respectively. I like to work with other young families because I’m facing the same challenges they are. Education planning, generational wealth transfer, retirement planning and insurance are all major concerns that I have personal experience with.

I look forward to each and every one of my meetings, and try to make them as enjoyable and informative as possible. I currently work in the West End, but live in East Vancouver, just off Commerical Drive, so if you’re ever in the area – let’s grab a coffee.